About OFT Division

Farmet a.s. – the OIL & FEED TECH (OFT) division is an important manufacturer of technology for the processing of oilseeds, vegetable oil and feed. In the past 25 years we have gained rich practical experience and knowledge in these fields, which we utilize in the realization of technological equipment for our customers. The key know-how of the company Farmet lies in the design and manufacturing of rotary expeller presses for oilseeds and extruders of feed, which are the foundation of our technologies.

We are mainly an engineering company with our own research and development, extensive knowledge of basic properties of processed agricultural products and means of their respective treatment (heat, mechanical, etc.) and processing. The production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art engineering technology. The result of effective cooperation between research, development, and production is the high-quality output of the Farmet brand.

We focus on implementing the Farmet know-how in the design and production of our technology and we deliver the products as complex solutions. Our work extends beyond setting up and starting the equipment; we also provide customer service.

Our team is made up of experts in various fields, who, through effective cooperation, work to create values for customers, fulfilling their particular wishes and requirements. It is the communication with the customer that helps us achieve the best possible result that meets the customer’s expectations: high-quality technology with good money-back period.

We adapt the design of our technology to effectively utilize local produce of oilseeds, grains, and other agricultural products for both food and feed production. When applicable, we also deal with biomass for energy production.

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