Cake Storage

Press cakes are continuously transported through a system of conveyors from the press to storage space. The conveyors, located just below the ceiling, distribute the cakes around the entire area of the storage room. Through remotely controlled discharge outlets, the operators choose where the press cakes fall on the floor to form a mound, with an angle determined by the properties of particular press cakes (the angle of repose). The personnel must observe the mound’s height and change (remotely) the discharge outlet on time. It is convenient to switch discharge outlets and add press cakes in smaller amounts onto multiple mounds. This allows press cakes to cool down more quickly (as a thinner layer) and significantly reduces the risk of spontaneous ignition.

A common issue is that the personnel do not ensure regular rotation of mounds used for dispatch and leave a mound (usually the one in the farthest corner) for too long. This can lead to distributing expired, low-quality press cakes to the customer.

To prevent these problems from happening as well as to make the operators’ work easier when maintaining regular dispatch of the entire storage area, we have developed a control system CLEVER STORE, as a component of the system for measurement, regulation, and visualization of technology – FIC (Farmet Intelligent Control).

Technology Description

The transport path of the press cakes connects to the collector located below the presses, or alternatively, to the cake cooler. It starts with a pipe conveyor, which carries the cakes into the necessary height of about 6 m. This height is optimal for storage solutions regarding storage capacity. This pipe conveyor is followed by a U-trough conveyor, which transports the press cakes horizontally into the store room. At the end of this conveyor, there is a discharge outlet, through which the cakes fall out into a following horizontal U-trough conveyor of a variable length. This one then contains the remotely controlled regularly spaced discharge outlets.

If necessary for increasing capacity, the horizontal conveyors can be arranged in rows. All the conveyors are suspended from the ceiling and therefore do not interfere with movement and activities on the store room floor. When designing a store house, the need for extensive free area has to be considered, because truck loading, manipulation with the loading machine and its access to all corners of the storage space – all of these need extra space.

Press cakes fall out of the different discharge outlets and land on the mounds below the conveyors. This, for one thing, leads to further cooling of the cakes, which is beneficial, but also increases dustiness (depending on the mound height). Dustiness also increases as a result of manipulation and loading of press cakes onto trucks during dispatch. Operating personnel is not permanently on site, besides necessary supervision and dispatch of press cakes.

In order to lower the emissions of dust, the storage space for press cakes must be separated from other facilities and closed.

Technical Parameters

The technology of press cake storage is offered at a wide spectrum of capacities and individual solutions are always optimized according to the customer’s requirements.


The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. However, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, meet all your requirements and include the automatization of the entire process.