FH 2000

The dehuller FH 2000 offers a universal solution for the dehulling of sunflower seeds and soybeans. The machine is equipped with a drive that allows a gradual change of rotor revolutions so that the process leads to optimal seed dehulling with only a minimum of dust created.

The dehuller is designed with respect to easy operation and maintenance. Importantly, the designers also kept in mind accessibility of wearable parts with the aim to minimize necessary interruptions of operations. A simple design, easy maintenance, accessibility of repair options, versatility; these are the main assets of this equipment.

Technology Description

The seeds are fed into the dehuller by a screw conveyor. From the conveyor, the seeds fall into the central area of the dehuller, on the distribution cone of the rotor. The centrifugal effect forces the seeds onto the dehuller’s stator. Dehulling occurs as the seeds hit the stator. The hulled material falls out through a discharge in the lower part of the dehuller. From there it enters the system of transport paths that lead to equipment for hull separation and aspiration.

Technical Parameters

This equipment is offered as a part of a solution that also includes sorters and aspirators. The package is provided in different configurations, according to the customer’s requirements for fibre content in the press cakes (an output of the pressing procedure).


The dehuller can be supplemented with a spectrum of hoppers, conveyors and equipment for treatment and storage of the material. The best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.