We take the findings of our research and development together with extensive practical experience and apply them in the design of individual solutions for particular customers. To deliver optimal technology to every client, we take into account their conditions, including the specific installation designs and commissioning of the equipment.

The complex deliveries of technological equipment are provided by a team of experts in various fields, so that the technological solution meets the customer’s demands. The delivery itself also encompasses working out of various related sub-projects from an initial study to a documentation of actual state.

Regarding the construction-related issues, we prefer to collaborate with the client’s local design and construction company. Together we develop optimal arrangement of the equipment, accounting for existing rooms or construction of a new facility.

Our offer includes complex technology together with its placement, logistic links, and means of connection to power supply and information systems. The technological equipment we deliver is provided with systems for measurement, regulation, and automatic control, which utilize cutting-edge tools for visualization, diagnostics, and remote control (Farmet Intelligent Control, FIC).

Upon request we provide assistance with the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Importantly, we also secure the training of the client’s personnel, which we carry out in several phases and at different levels. Training of production engineers and managers, as well as that of the operating personnel, represents a significant element of the deliveries of Farmet’s technology.

The subsequent technical support is provided online via direct communication with the Technical Support Centre at Farmet. Operating personnel also enjoys the opportunity to directly communicate with product managers that give support with the operation of the equipment. The service is then provided by service centres or directly through experts from Farmet.

It is precisely the complex approach that our customers highly value and that is also the reason that they turn to us repeatedly.


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