Extruders of the FE line represent top-class equipment, which excel in versatility, variability and effectiveness. Many modified configurations of these extruders are offered, allowing optimal solution for any farmer or feed producer. They cover a performance range between 100 kg per hour and 7,000 kg per hour and they can be assembled into extrusion lines with an overall performance as a sum of individual extruders.

Extruders can be well adjusted to the customer’s requirements, mostly because of the richness of available accessories and their modular design. In this line you will find the basic versions for dry extrusion, which are intended for the extrusion of legumes and oilseeds (e.g. full-fat soybean), but also complex machines for wet extrusion, which not only regulate dosing the water into the extruder chambers, but also allow adding fat into the feed by dosing oil (e.g., granule production for fish feed). For pre-treatment by extrusion we have also developed steam conditioners of the FK line, which allow heating and moistening of the extrudate to desired levels.


The main advantages of the extruders of the FE line:

  • Working parts have a long service life
  • Parts are easy to replace/repair
  • Parts can be easily assembled/disassembled
  • The extruder can be readily modified for dry or wet extrusion
  • Intelligent control systém EXTRUSION EFFECT CONTROL (3 levels of wiring are available)
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Universal output jet for dry extrusion

Take a look at our portfolio in the field of extrusion, or contact us directly; our experts will help you choose the best solution for you.


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