Module of a Compact Pressing Shop

The press shop Compact represents an entirely novel approach to oilseed pressing. Be independent of major crushers. This technology is here for those who want to produce their own vegetable oil and/or feed. It produces a high-quality, filtered oil as well as press cakes, which can be used as an adequate substitute for extracted groats. Moreover, thanks to their higher fat content, these press cakes have a comparably higher feed value. If the technology involves extruders, the unit can be used without pressing, just to produce, for example, extrudate from full fat soya.

Thanks to its modular design, Compact offers a universal solution for pressing with extrusion of a number of oilseeds. With this product you are getting a pre-optimized delivery that meets the strictest requirements on modern processing facilities.

 The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Individual components built into one unit and wired
  • Compact dimensions of equipment for the entire press shop
  • Modular design of the entire press shop
  • The use of universal parts (transmissions, conveyors)
  • Complete technological solution including seed pre-treatment, filtration, oil and press cake storage
  • Universal equipment for a spectrum of oilseeds
  • High oil yield comparable with that of hot pressing
  • Easy to use, easy maintenance, long service life
  • Intuitive control with sensors for protection
  • Easy transport thanks to its dimensions
  • Easy manipulation thanks to built-in wheels and a hydraulic jack


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