OFT Production

Along with common engineering technology, our production facility is specially equipped for the production of parts for expeller presses and extruders. We use the latest CNC machines to produce screw flights, conical inserts and dies of various shapes and designs. The key machines and equipment for Farmet technologies are made in our home facility.

In cooperation with other units in our division, the production unit strives to increase work effectiveness in order to achieve better parameters for customers, higher lifespan of supplied parts, while keeping balanced production costs. We implement technology based on our own development of abrasion-proof layers for production parts and their precise working.

The core of the production of each component lies in the use of high-quality material and its subsequent expert processing. We pay high attention to the choice of best materials, which we then refine by superb heat treatment.

Final products are then assembled following individual specifications for particular plants and projects and finalized with third-party components for the complex technology delivery.

We achieve and maintain the high quality of machines and equipment through an appropriate system of fine measurement and check of all the components.

Quality is the foundation of our performance and remains a priority in our company. 


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