Oil Filtration

The Technology of filtration offered by Farmet represents an effective solution for removing mechanical impurities from raw oil. The equipment can be used for multiple types of oil. Since oils from different plant species can differ, the species always needs to be specified as well as how the oil was obtained and expected temperature range for filtration.

Based on our extensive experience in the field of obtaining and processing of vegetable oil, we have developed two systems of filtration, which fit different capacities of oil processing. For small- and middle-scale throughput, we offer plate filters, where all the individual steps are controlled manually. The technology of automatic filtration serves for middle- and large-scale producers; the entire procedure runs automatically. Automatic filtration is controlled by our own control system FIC (Farmet Intelligent Control) with the function “FILTER OPTIMAL”, which is a system of settings for optimized conditions for transitions between filtration phases.


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