The separator FCS is designed with respect to optimized removal of the solids to ensure higher performance and efficiency of the subsequent filtration process. The FC series is based on the principle of sedimentation of the solids at the bottom of the separation tank. The sediment that has accumulated is then removed by blades. The size and shape of the vessel are adjusted according the customer’s requirements.

Technology Description

The separator is a vessel with a flat bottom, equipped with blades that transfer the sediment up to a screen above the oil surface. The solids are further dragged across the screen, allowing remaining oil to drip through. At the end of the screen, the solids are discharged into a screw conveyor, which transports them away.

Technical Parameters

This separator is characterized by compact dimensions and high performance. The performance is always optimized with respect to the demands of the particular technological solution.


The separator can be supplemented with a spectrum of optional accessories. The best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.