The essential technological equipment of a press shops is the press. We use presses of our own design and construction in both one-level and two-level pressing for different pressing technologies according to previous mechanical and heat treatment of the seed.

The goal of the pressing process is to separate the oilseed into two fractions: oil and press cakes. The press cakes of the majority of oilseeds serve as a nutritious feed that is particularly rich in protein (in the cases of sunflower, soybeans, and cottonseed, implementing a hulling technology is preferred to increase relative protein content). Another potential use for press cakes lies in biofuel production or as a substitute for wood pellets.

Oil is the most valuable fraction in oilseeds, so it makes sense to strive for high yields in oil recovery. At the same time, as the recovery ratio rises, so do the price and complexity of the technology necessary. Also, the higher the recovery ratio, the lower the oil quality (the resulting oil contains more undesirable impurities that need to be subsequently removed). Furthermore, there is a number of factors that influence the economy of the overall process (logistics, energy prices, utilization of oil and press cakes at the local market). Farmet therefore also offers broad counselling services that are based on extensive experience of the company in this field of expertise.


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