Farmet offers a series of highly sophisticated stack cookers with an efficient heat transfer into the heated material, for the purposes of the technology of hot pressing. This equipment is designed for a high performance and work efficiency, uniformity of heat transfer as well as compact dimensions. Thanks to their simple design, the heaters do not require extensive service and maintenance.

The stack cookers are always equipped with a system of intelligent heat control, which precisely controls levels and the evenness of heating and temperature distribution in different layers of the cooker. For optimized humidity of the output material, the cooker is equipped with a material moistening procedure.

Thanks to the sophisticated regulation system, it is possible to monitor the temperature of the material as well as resting time, for which the material was exposed to a certain temperature. This positively affects the feed value of press cakes, namely the protein transformation. Optimization temperature and time exposure can make proteins less soluble in the rumen of ruminant animals (e.g. cattle), raising the content of by-pass proteins.

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