Oil storage tanks serve for a temporary storage of expelled and filtered oil from oilseeds. Our tanks are characterized by their large capacity.

For a problem-free operation, our tanks are equipped with sensors, which allow easy monitoring and control of the tank within its application. For easier maintenance and sanitation, the tank contains a service hatch in the wall, as well as enhanced decanting elements, which protect the outlets from clogging.

Technology Description

It is a vertical vessel with a flat bottom, a lid and a suction unit. The tanks are offered in stainless steel, as well as standard steel, according to the customer’s requirements. The volume is 20 m3.

Technical Parameters

The tank is produced at a volume of 20 m3.


The tank can be supplemented with a spectrum of optional accessories. The best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.