Farmet offers a number of highly sophisticated heating conveyors of the FCO series. These products are meant for the pre-heating of the seeds up to the temperature necessary for efficient pressing. The equipment is design with respect to low space demands, high performance, high efficiency and uniformity of heat transfer to the heated material. Thanks to their simple design, our heating conveyors require as little maintenance and service as possible.

The heating process, as all other steps in the technology, is regulated by a sophisticated control system, which maintains stable temperature of the material at the conveyor output.

Technology Description

The heating conveyor is special equipment designed for transporting and heating seeds. Heating is secured by thermal fluid that circulates in between the layers of coating. The seed is supplied to the conveyor, then heated up and moved towards the discharge. The equipment consists of a screw shaft, a drive, duplicated coating and insulation.

Technical Parameters

The performance of the conveyor is optimized for the required parameters for the material entering the technology, so that maximum processing efficiency can be reached. The input power of these conveyors is between 0.55 and 4 kW.


The heating conveyor can be supplemented with a range of optional accessories. Yet, the best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.