Thermal oil boilers are devices that exhibit long service life, high efficiency and low maintenance and repair requirements and costs. These boilers are designed especially for heating of thermal oil for heat conveyors FCO. They are optimized according to the specific requirements of the technology, so that the material is properly heated at low running costs.

The heating process, as all other steps in the technology, is regulated by a sophisticated control system, which maintains stable temperature of the material at the conveyor output.

Technology Description

Individual parts of the equipment are designed with respect to maximum efficiency as well as long service life. The basic components are the frame, circulation pump, and the boiler, where thermal oil is heated up.

The frame is construction welded from stainless steel profiles. The boiler consists of a housing and heating units; it is insulated. The circulation pump maintains the circulation of the thermal fluid in the entire system.

Thermal fluid that has been heated by in the boiler is pumped into a double-coated conveyor. The thermal fluid heats up the coating of the conveyor, which transfers the heat onto the material.

Insulation serves to reduce heat losses from the boiler and as a burn protection. The insulation is covered by aluminium.

Technical Parameters

The performance of the boiler is optimized for the required parameters for the material entering the technology, so that maximum processing efficiency can be reached. The performance of the FOO boilers ranges between 20 and 80 kW.


The boiler can be supplemented with a range of optional accessories. Yet, the best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.