This container with a heat exchange system serves for temperature stabilization of the seeds before further processing by Farmet technological equipment. FZO offers highly efficient heating of the material. The heating is accomplished by hot air, which is driven into the container. The air is in turn heated up in an exchanger based on either steam or water.

Technology Description

The container serves as temporary seed storage. Heating of the seeds is done by hot air, which is in turn warmed up in a heat exchanger.

Technical Parameters

The performance of the container with a heat exchange system is optimized for the required parameters for the material entering the technology, so that maximum processing efficiency can be reached.


The container with a heat exchange system can be supplemented with a range of optional accessories. Yet, the best solution is usually our turnkey delivery, which fulfils your requirements and guarantees a solution optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, as well as comprehensive automatization.