Oilseeds Pressing Unit - FLS

Pressing units offer wholly new possibilites in scaling and quality of special oilseed processing. Thanks to the arrangement of the presses DUO, the set offers a considerable increase in the production of high-quality cold-pressed oil.

This technology offers an ideal solution for those who are interested in producing their own oil and feed. End products are high-quality filtered vegetable oil and press cake. The cake can be used as a full-fledged replacement of extracted meal. However, thanks to a higher oil content, the cake has an even higher nutritional value.

Technology Description

The press set FLS consists of a battery of two DUO presses, above which there is a hopper for oilseeds. Below the presses are located sedimentation tanks for the expelled oil. A pump, mounted on the construction frame, transports the oil from the sedimentation tank into a plate filter, which retains remaining solids from the oil.


The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our delivery can be supplemented with a spectrum of hoppers, conveyors, tanks, and equipment for seed pre-treatment as well as for pumping, filtration, refining and storage of oil. Nonetheless, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both technical and economical perspective and cover all your requirements including automatization of the entire process.

Technical Parameters

The press sets FLS 40/60 represent complete solutions for oilseed pressing at smaller capacities, reaching performance between 16-72kg/hr. As standard, they are designed to meet the EU wiring specifications; however, they can be adjusted to the wiring requirements from local markets (e.g. USA, Canada, etc.). The wiring can be equipped with a frequency controller of the revolutions of the main drive, allowing for further optimization of the pressing process. The press sets are fitted with motors of input power 1.6 to 3.5 kW, depending on the technology.