Subsoiler Krtek

1 Deep loosening zone without mixing. Loosening depth 50–60 cm. Loosening chisels are in one row. The hooked tines cut through the soil and do not form clods.
2 Re-compaction zone. Optimum soil re-compaction ensures good water infiltration and soil water capillarity to the surface.

Subsoiler Krtek is designed for deep loosening of soil without mixing it with subsoil layer up to the depth of 60 cm.

Higher yields due to significantly better microclimate in soil

The subsoiler is designed for work in all soil conditions which is enabled by hydraulic automatic protection. It does not have to be used every year, when using anti compaction methods, soil is left uncompacted due to the action of water, frost, roots, and micro-organisms. Enables loosening of subsoil layer without risk of mixing of inactive soil with topsoil. For use when it is not possible to prevent excessive compaction of the soil (e.g. after sugar beet). To restore drainage in  wetlands.

High performance

  • High working speed up to 12 km/h.
  • Optimum shape of tines for safe penetration into the soil without mixing it with biologically inactive soil.
  • Very good stability of the machine with possibility of precise depth guiding with the use of depth wheels.


Subsoiler Krtek

  1. Tines in one row for deep loosening up to the depth of 60 cm.
    Hydraulic protection of the working units.

Subsoiler Krtek

  1. Tines in one row for deep loosening up to the depth of 60 cm.
    Working units are protected with solid rods.

Robust design

High-strength refined materials in connection with eXtra STEEL line technology guarantee long service life of our machines even in the most difficult conditions.

High-strength materials
High-strength refined materials used for crucial nodes to ensure long service life. The frame is heavily designed.
Working units
Working units of an attested design with the option of efficient automatic hydraulic protection, or alternatively with maintenance-free solid rods.
Rear roller
Subsoiler Krtek can be additionally equipped with the rear roll for more precise deep guiding of the machine and crumbling of clods. It cannot be combined with supporting depth wheels. (optional)

Easy operation

Due to minimum of adjusting points the operation and subsequent maintenance are very easy steps that anybody can perform.

Minimum of lubrication points.
Working depth adjustment
The working depth is adjusted by the position of the tractor hinge shoulders.
Adjustment of supporting wheels
Easy adjustment of the position of supporting wheels using adjusting screws. (optional)
Adjustment of the roller position
Simple adjustment of the position of the roller using the pin on the slotted piece of the roller. (optional)


Technical parameters Units Krtek DG 3 Krtek DG 5 Krtek DG 7
Working width mm 2 200 2 990  4 400
Transport width mm 2 700 3 000  4 450
Transport height mm  1 980  1 980 1 980
Total machine length mm  1 330 1 380  1 380
Working depth mm 500─600  500─600  500─600
Number of tines pcs 3 7
Tine spacing mm  700  700  700
Width of tines mm  180  180  180
Frame clearance  mm  900 900  900
Working performance  ha/h 1,4─2,6 2─3 2,8─4,2
Towing vehicle 1 kW
Working speed km/h 8─12 8─12 8─12
Maximum transport speed km/h 20 20 20
Maximum slope availability ° 6 6 6
Tyre dimension – depth wheel  - 10.0/75-15.3 14PR 10.0/75-15.3 14PR 10.0/75-15.3 14PR
Pressure in tyres kPa 550 550 550
Tractor hitch requirement   TPH cat. 3 and 4 TPH cat. 3 and 4 TPH cat. 3 and 4
Machine weight kg 880 1 170 1 750

1 Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the tilling depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working units and their adjustment.


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User manual

Krtek DG 5 with a disc roller

Krtek DG 3 with support wheels



Disc roller SDR
Diameter 580 mm
Weight 220 kg/m
Rollers Segmental
Crumbling ●●○○
Stamping ●●●○
Depth guiding ●●●●
Resistance against clogging ●●●●
Suitability for stony soils ●●●○
Suitability for wet soils ●●●●
Heavy soils ●●●●
Medium soils ●●●●
Light soils ●●○○



Optional equipment

Hydraulic protection

Release force 1 700 kg.
It enables work in all soil conditions. The tractor must be equipped with at least one hydraulic circuit and an outlet for free draining of oil directly into the tank.

Supporting depth wheels

For more precise deep guiding of the machine. They cannot be combined with the roller.