Verso: the First Machine for Spring Work

Even though our fields are covered with snow and our thoughts focus on the farm operation and technology for the season, we should start thinking about what machines will come out to the fields when the spring sun melts the snow and the skylark announces the arrival of spring. Those who own the Verso seedbed cultivator do not need to worry. And we have the answer to the question for those who do not own a Verso yet, as the Verso cultivator is definitely the first machine that should set off into the field in spring.
The Verso seedbed cultivator with a low pulling resistance is designed for seedbed cultivation after tillage as well as stubble cultivation, especially in the wet spring conditions. Opening the soil with rotary machines is difficult or even impossible in such conditions. The main Verso working parts are chisels with SK plates mounted on flexible tines, providing for early work in the field.

The cultivator does not replace Kompaktomat. Verso has a good levelling effect, high permeability and work speed. The depth of processing can be regulated to 10 cm. Overall, the machine is controlled via hydraulic circuits, i.e. comfortably from the tractor cabin during work.

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