Farmet Is Investing!

In the following investment period, Farmet is planning to invest at least CZK 300 million into expanding its production plant in Česká Skalice (CZ).

La producción moderna de la división OFT

La fábrica dispone, además de habituales tecnologías de maquinaria, del equipamiento especial para la fabricación de elementos de prensas de hélice y extrudadores.

DIGGER Product Range Expanded!

We are currently bringing the latest versions of the shearing segment mechanical protection of chisels and with new versions of deep cultivators with hoppers for fertiliser application in semi-mounted versions.

A Successful Field Day in Hungary

On 2 August 2019, Andest 2005 Bt, a Hungarian importer of Farmet technology, organised a field day at their important customer in Lajoskomárom, near the Balaton Lake.

Come and Join Us for Upcoming Exhibitions and Conferences

In the next few months, our company will take part in a number of prestigious international events. Joins us to attend our presentations or explore our portfolio at the exhibitions.

Kompaktomat - 7 working operations in one go!

The Kompaktomat pre-sowing combinators have been a significant product of the Farmet brand for more than 25 years. During their existence, they have gone through many innovations and are constantly improved. In may working spans from 2.5 m to 15.7 m, more than 10,000 machines have been delivered to the customers! Kompaktomats are supplied to more than 20 markets in several continents and prove their qualities in many different soil and climatic conditions. They always excellently perform what they are designed for – 7 working operations in one go, which prepares the roughly processed soil after ploughing into a condition ideal for sowing crops.

Softer: Agile Soil Cultivation

Today, thousands of Softer cultivators work the fields in Europe, Asia, North America, or even New Zealand. They are top disc cultivators that have a great success thanks to their excellent properties. And what properties are we talking about?

Winter Oilseed Rape Crop Establishment Technology

The technology for establishing winter oilseed rape crop depends on the soil and weather conditions and the type of soil in the area concerned. Most farmers have many years of experience with planting oilseed rape and they use various time-tested and verified methods for establishing the best even and quality oilseed rape crop.

Reference Corn Crop

Before the 2019 spring agronomical schedule for corn seeding was over, a new machine by Farmet has been tested in Slovakia. It is the mounted version of the precise 8-row seed drill IMPACT 8 PS.


En la semana pasada en Colonia, Alemania tuvo lugar el salón VICTAM 2019, dedicado a la alimentación de animales, producción de alimentos, extrusión y tecnologías relacionadas.