Las tecnologías del prensado de oleaginosas y su influencia al valor nutricional de la torta

La edición de febrero de la revista rusa Agrosistemas actuales llegó con un artículo interesante llamado Las tecnologías del prensado de oleaginosas y su influencia al valor nutricional de la torta.

Implementación de la planta de extrusión de prensa en la región de Tomsk

En enero de este año, nuestro principal cliente de Tomsk, Rusia, abrió su primera línea para el procesamiento de colza.

Verso: the First Machine for Spring Work

Even though our fields are covered with snow and our thoughts focus on the farm operation and technology for the season, we should start thinking about what machines will come out to the fields when the spring sun melts the snow and the skylark announces the arrival of spring.

Remember to Prepare Your Machines for the Season in Good Time

It might seem that machines for soil cultivation are simple when compared with tractors or threshers, but their maintenance also has its difficulties and neglecting it does not pay off.

Welding Shop Reconstruction Complete

The year 2018 was a year of changes and the beginning of large investments for Farmet. The first most visible change and investment was the reconstruction of the welding shop that caused some transfers in the production, as well as in the welding shop and the assembly plant.

Welcome in 2019

Dear business partners, today our employees returned from Christmas holiday to their responsibilities to follow up to cooperation and communication with you.

Thank you for cooperation – PF 2019

Dear Business Partners, Employees, Colleagues, We would like to thank you for your cooperation in the year that is about to end. We wish you strong health, a lot of happiness and well-being.

Yugagro International Fair

The largest exhibition in Russia focused on agricultural technology, equipment and materials for the production and processing of agricultural products.

Strip-till Soil Cultivation

Zemas a.s. Čejč is a business that manages 2,900 hectares of agricultural land in the cadastre of 7 South Moravian municipalities. The cultivated soil is medium-heavy to heavy, and sandy in some places. The company uses stubble cultivation at a depth of 30 cm for all its fields. Each year, a few fields are selected to be cultivated at a greater depth, up to 65 cm.

Farmet en la prensa – la revista OFI

La edición de OFI (Oils and Fats Magazine, de noviembre viene con nuestro artículo sobre el procesamiento de soja libre de hexano.