Sowing catch crops

Many farmers sow stubble catch crops after harvesting, which are used for green fertilization and retain nitrogen in the soil, suppress diseases and pests, regulate spawning and reduce the growth of weeds. Some farmers also sow catch crops to meet the conditions of „greening“ as a subsidize the direct single area payment SAPS.

Farmet offers the MICRO DRILL seeding unit for sowing catch crops. The sowing unit can be placed on all machines that are used for stubble (chisel, disc, combined cultivators) from a width of 2.1 m to 12.25 m depending on the type of fan, as well it can also be used on seed drills. The type of electric or hydraulic fan is chosen according to the machine width in combination with the type of seed that will be used the most. Also, the size of the hopper is chosen according to the width of the machine and the hopper is easily accessible for filling.

The seed is dosing by sowing shaft located under the hopper, the basic equipment includes two types of sowing rollers (for fine and bigger seed). Adjustment and control is performed using a simple electronic control unit from the tractor. Placing the MICRO DRILL on the stubble cultivator, we cultivate the soil in one pass and sow the catch crop, which saves us time and costs.

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