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Have you bought a new agricultural machine of Farmet brand?


Presowing combinator Kompaktomat

Dear customer,

thank you that you have decided to buy the agricultural machine of Farmet brand. This decision reflected your confidence in our company and we appreciate it much. On the other hand, you can expect our professionalism and complexity in related services.

In the machine you have received is stored our long-term knowledge and know how related to the development and improvement of the agricultural machinery. We will be at your service to help you use all benefits and advantages of you new machine.

Our construction and development department together with our dealership form an experienced team that is prepared to support you throughout the lifetime of the machine of the Farmet brand.

First use of the machine

How to adjust the machine in order to achieve the best result of the work? The most important information is available in the Instructions for use of the machine that you have received together with the documentation. Another possibility is to use of the opportunity for assistance during commissioning the machine and training of operators.

Provided that during initial operation of the machine uncertainties or complications occur, the sales representative is fully available for you as well. All sales representatives of the Farmet brand are regularly trained and in cooperation with the team of our construction and service department they will be at your service for fully-fledged commissioning of the machine in the nearest possible time.

The range of the supplied services for the machines of the Farmet brand is, however, much broader. Thanks to them you can be sure that your decision on the choice of the brand was right.

Original spare parts

During the use of the machine you will need to repeatedly buy wearable spare parts. Not only with respect to compatibility but also with respect to further trouble-free operation, it is recommended to use original spare parts. Proper attention should be paid to specification of the necessary components using the Catalogue of spare parts. If you are in doubts, additional specification by sending a photo should be performed.

Spare parts can be bought either from sales representatives of the Farmet brand or in the spare parts department which is available for you in our company. Preferably, however, e-shop with spare parts was launched for your comfort.

In case of questions or other requirements please contact our commercial or service department.

We believe that you will be satisfied with our machine.


Do you use the bought machine of the Farmet brand and did any uncertainty or failure occur?


Servisní vozidlo Farmet

Some basic complications can be solved with the Instructions for use of the machine or by checking all related nodes (e.g.: ON x OFF, checking cable contacts, etc.).

If you do not discover the cause of the failure or the failure cannot be eliminated, contact the sales representative from whom you have bought the machine of the Farmet brand and consult your problem with him or her. All sales representatives are regularly trained and in cooperation with people from our construction and service department they form an experienced team.

Report the failure as soon as possible even provided that the failure currently does not prevent the machine from being used.

For reporting the complaint and simultaneously as a guide for you and also for us, the form Complaint report is intended.

For finding a proper solution, mutual trust and open communication are necessary. Proper identification of the failure and its subsequent quick elimination will be supported if you provide us with the complex and detailed description of the failure, including photos. Then you can expect a professional and tailored solution for the failure.



What will happen when the complaint is reported?

When the requirement is accepted and registered, we will inform you on the repair characteristics (guarantee or non-guarantee repair, repair performed personally or by sending the spare parts). In case of need we will ask you for another specification of the failure. If the failure and its solution are clear, directly from us you will receive the proposed solution.

You can expect this message in the shortest possible time. If you do not receive the primary message in the specified time limit, do not hesitate to contact us because even when trying to do our best and trying to meet all demands we cannot exclude that the message was caught e.g. by the spam filter.

Some failures require analysis to be performed by our service and construction technician and subsequent production of specific spare parts. The term of the service, repair or supply of spare parts must therefore be planned together so that it is suitable for both sides.

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