Farmet Won the Heart of Vysočina

The great effort of our sales representative Vlastimil Železný from Agrogal is starting to bear fruit. His fleet of blue demonstration machines helps him to successfully sell Farmet machines in Vysočina, where he continues to expand the large base of “Farmet” businesses, or subjects for whom our machines are crucial for their field work. The demonstration universal Falcon seed drill with a width of 3 m is very good for advertising, and for work as well.

This seed drill with a modular platform is also used by some customers who rent it for seeding. One of the loyal customers is Mr. Leoš Nahodil, a small farmer from Markvartice in the Jihlava district. In 2017, he established all his winter wheat fields using this seed drill. Mr. Nahodil highly appreciated the high quality of seeding, the observance of the precise depth of seed placement, also at a higher travelling speed, and the even emergence. He did not hesitate and used the Falcon 3 machine again this year, to establish all his oil seed rape fields. And again, he is very excited and satisfied. The precise seeding depth, the precisely observed seed batch, getting a good night’s sleep because the seed passage monitoring system has not registered any errors, and a broad smile on his lips brought about by the pre-emergent markers. The markers left a noticeable mark in the places of rail lines that will make it easier for him when spraying the field.

Mr. Nahodil knows well what our machine is capable of and he shared his plans for the future with us. Next year, after he harvests the oil seed rape crop that he already established, he will perform deep tillage and then, in spring 2020, he will use Farmet’s Kompaktomat to prepare the field for the spring seeding with the indispensable Falcon 3. Why indispensable? This particular seed drill can seed the mixture of spring barley with caraway seeds that Mr. Nahodil requires in a single pass. The Falcon seed drill has a hopper that is divided lengthways in two halves, there are two dispensers for two different batches of barley and caraway, and the seeding bar can be set at two variable depth of seeding. What else to say: the Falcon seed drill is simply excellent and the 3-metre-wide version is an ideal partner in the soil conditions of the Vysočina region.