Farmet at the international conference ‘World Soy’

The production and processing of soybean
as an essential source of protein in animal nutrition has been growing worldwide, including Russia. Therefore, the company Farmet participated in the International Conference ‘World Soy’, organized in Saint Petersburg on 22nd and 23rd May 2019 by SFERA LLC.

The conference was attended by more than 260 participants. Among these were experts, representatives of various regions of Russia and of the world’s leading companies and research institutes. This year the conference was divided into three parallel sections, one of which was co-organized by Farmet. Director general of Farmet’s subsidiary OOO Farmet Russia (located in Moscow), Mr. Petr Pugachev, chaired the session ‘Technology and equipment for soybean processing’. He also gave a presentation within this session, titled ‘Energy efficiency in soybean processing: quality and the environment’. In his lecture he spoke about Farmet technologies that process soybeans in an environmentally friendly manner, utilizing heat recuperation. In these technologies, mechanical processing meets hydro-thermic treatment via the use of expeller presses and extruders of diverse capacities, to obtain hexane free, environmentally pure products. The audience learned of the technological procedures that decrease energy losses in this manner of soybean processing. The presentation also described the quality control of the extruded soybean cake (mass ratio of soluble protein), important for fine-tuning the feeding of particular types of livestock. At the end of his entry, Mr. Pugachev showed some examples of facilities that have successfully implemented our technology.

The presentation attracted a lot of attention and a lot of questions on Farmet’s representatives, both during the presentation itself and during the entire event. Besides soybeans, the attendees were also very much interested in oilseed processing in general and Farmet technologies for compound feed production.