MVKS - Small Feed Mixtures Plants

Small production facilities are offered either with an automatically drawing grinder (MVKS-s), or a vertical grinder (MVKS-v). They are intended for small- and middle-scale producers of compound feed; basic components (grain) are stored freely on the floor space.

Technology Description


The small-scale compound feed production facility MVKS-s is a technology comprised of an automatically drawing hammer mill and a vertical weighing mixer. The grinder sucks up the grain into a grinding chamber, where the hammers gradually grind the mixture, which falls through a screen of mesh size calibrated for desired granule size. The screens are easily exchangeable. Mesh size is chosen according to the target animal species.

The grinder feeds the material through a pipe into the vertical mixer. The mixer is based on the principle of tumbling and intermingling by a vertically-running central screw. Mixing time is usually set to 15 minutes.

The distribution of finished, mixed compound food out of the mixer is done with the use of a damper and inclined augers that carry the mixture to a place, where the discharge can be collected into a container or bagged.


The version of this technology with a vertical grinder involves separate scales, grinding, mixing and dispatch. It is convenient for small- and middle-scale compound food producers, in facilities, where basic ingredients for compound food (grain) are stored freely on the floor space; premixes and supplements are available in bags. The advantages of this technology are simple operation, high reliability, performance and service life of individual components of the technology.


The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. However, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, meet all your requirements and include the automatization of the entire process.

Technical Parameters

The technology of small-scale compound food production facility is manufactured for capacities between 0.5 – 2 tons per hour and it is always adapted to the customer’s particular requirements.