Seedbed cultivators for spring soil cultivation

7. 2. 2020
For spring tillage Farmet recommends choosing from two proven machines.
Seedbed cultivators for spring soil cultivation


For precise seedbed preparation with optimal seedbed compaction

  • Compacted seedbed and restored soil capillarity
  • Possibility to choose from various rollers
  • Suitable for drier soils where capillarity needs to be restored
  • Undercutting and loosening soil at a required depth (seedbed creation)
  • Pulling down post-tilling ridges with clod crushing and levelling


Suitable for early spring works, aeration and levelling moist soil before seeding

  • Ideal to be used in spring for cultivating naturally well-packed soil after winter
  • Acceleration of soil maturity for seeding
  • Great work in moist soil thanks to the travelling wheels that ensure precise depth guidance of the working parts
  • A large number of narrow chisels provides permeability for even very moist soil that machines with rollers cannot process
  • The front flexiboard breaks down and pre-levels soil, the chisels loosen soil at the set depth
  • The rear flexiboard levels off soil after the chisels and the levelling bars finish the soil surface

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