The year 2020 brought records in the sale of Falcon seed drills

12. 3. 2021
The year 2020 brought records in the sale of Falcon seed drills Falcon seed drills are the technical highlight of our offer in the field of agricultural machinery. In 2020, we achieved record sales of Falcons.
The year 2020 brought records in the sale of Falcon seed drills

We produce universal seed drills that make sense to our customers. Thanks to the patented design of the self-carried hopper and the system of quick-change sections, we can easily assemble the optimal configuration for each customer. Currently, the best-selling configurations are Falcon PRO Fert + machines, which can processed the whole area in one operation and prepare the soil in one operation with sowing and at the same time placed fertilizers in the future root zone of plants during sowing. The machines also allow easy replacement of the pre-processing section and quick change to a strip-till sowing configuration with strip deep loosening and fertilizer placement at greater depths. Based on orders, we are already sure that in 2021, Falcon machines will be the fastest growing product in our offer.

Farmet's portfolio currently includes more than 20 product lines that cover the following areas: tillage, fertilizer application and sowing.

All seed drills are equipped with electronic control and monitoring systems from the renowned German company Müller. On request, the machines are equipped with a section control system for individual automatic section control according to GPS. The innovative Farmet section control system enables individual automatic control of up to 64 sections, ie. individual switching of each coulter.

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