VKS - Feed Mixture Plants

This product is most appropriate for middle-scale producers of compound food. The basic ingredients for compound food (grain) are stored in silos (or alternatively, on the floor, with a mechanized supply into the weighing devices). Premixes and supplements are available in bags.

Considering the higher production capacity, the facility makes use of temporary containers before grinding and mixing, which leads to a continuous workload of the grinder. The advantages are 1) high performance of the facility and 2) a potential for production of various mixtures with subsequent separate storage for dispatch purposes.

Technology Description

The basic ingredients for compound feed are received and placed in storage (via, for example, a bin, pit, bucket elevator, auger, etc.). For storage space, silos or floor space of a storage shed are used. The number of storage containers depends on the number of processed materials and basic components.

Individual components of the feed are weighed by strain-gauge scales and transported into a working container that is usually placed above the grinder. The grinding line starts with the vertical grinder with automatic dosing of the material into the grinding chamber by augers. In the grinder, the material is ground and sifted through a size-calibrated mesh. The resulting mixture travels into another container, which is subsequently emptied into the mixer positioned below it.

If dosing of multiple ingredients is required at this stage, it is possible to combine all the ingredients via either augers leading into the pre-grinding scales, or directly in the top of the mixer.

When properly mixed, the feed is released via overturning the container into the mixer’s offset basket. From here, augers and bucket elevators transport the material into dispatch containers.


The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. However, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, meet all your requirements and include the automatization of the entire process.

Technical Parameters

The technology of small-scale compound feed production units is offered at capacities 2.5 – 5 tons per hour. Each delivery is tailored to meet the customer’s particular requirements.