Digger against rodents

Deep cultivating with Digger cultivators is proving to be a very effective way of killing field rodents. Thanks to this effect, two operations can be combined into one crossing. Soil is deeply loosened well and at the same time there is a significant reduction in rodents where they are strongly overpopulated.




Thanks to the arrangement of Digger work tools, the soil is very intensively loosened with several cuts in the vertical and horizontal directions. This is achieved by a combination of loosening wing chisels and double spike rollers. The chisels deeply loosen the soil and, thanks to the wings, also cut horizontally. The soil is not only loosened, but there is also strong compression and crushing due to the angled working angle of the chisels. Subsequently, the soil is crushed by rotating spikes of double spikes rollers, which penetrate to a depth of 15 cm and effectively crumb the clods. The strong pressure of the rollers also ensures very strong back compression of the soil under the rollers. Rodents are therefore eliminated not only by direct intervention of working tools, but also by pressure during strong two-phase soil compression. Therefore, in comparison with plowing, the loosening performed in this way is significantly more effective from the point of view of rodent reduction. At the same time, deep loosening completely replaces plowing and can be carried out repeatedly in a short period of time.

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