Softer 1250 PRO on snowy fields

18. 12. 2020
Another recently delivered Softer1250PRO started to work by the end of the november on already snow covered fields of eastern part of Ukrainian Charkov. However snow is not an obstacle. If the soil is not frozen Softer does quality job.
Softer 1250 PRO on snowy fields

Softer 1250 PRO machines are designed for maximum daily productivity when working with tractors from 450 HP. Disks are placed symmetrically so the lateral forces are very well compensated even at the maximal pulling force. Therefore machines are able to perform full-area undercut in wide range of working widths. Special hook tines significantly increase permeability of plant residues even at higher working speeds and extreme conditions. For example in vet soil. The Optimal working speed ranges between 12-15 km/h.

Thanks to high working speed of Softer PRO machines are the plant residues very well spread and mixed with the cultivated layer of soil. Specific arrangement of disks ensures an excellent levelling of the soil in one pass. Thanks to this, the cultivation and harvester tracks are evened out and the field is ready for another tillage done by powerful wide working machine. Rear double rollers of the Softer machines ensure reconsolidation and aeration of the soil as well as the clod crumbling effect. These rollers are highly resistant against clogging and provide high stability of the machine at precisely set working depth.

Softer PRO machines can be equipped with front pre- processing ploughshares such as Flexiboard harrow or Flexicut cutting rollers.

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