Agrosem Stěžery is already buying 14th machine of Farmet brand!

23. 7. 2021
The prosperous seed cooperative Agrosem Stěžery on the outskirts of Hradec Králové cultivates 980 hectares of agricultural land.
Agrosem Stěžery is already buying 14th machine of Farmet brand!

Very diverse soil conditions

They grow variety of crops: wheat, rape, spring barley, peas, have been long involved in cultivation of poppies, sugar beet or millet and some of them grow for seed purposes. In their region of cultivation, they have very diverse soils from drier sandy to wetter clay. The company has long achieved above-average revenues for a given location.

„We are already buying the 14th machine from Farmet. In the past, we started with Kompaktomat and gradually bought more machines. We have changed some of them, but we gradually extending our portfolio of machines to effectively cover our needs in the field tillage and sowing, including application of fertiliser to the soil. We are currently use 9 Farmet machines “, says at the beginning director of the company Mr. Karel Novák.

Seed production requires optimized plantation technologies

The basis of achieved high production are advanced technologies and quality tillage and sowing. The company provides all tillage with Farmet machines. Not only for seed production, they use optimized plant establishment technologies that take into account the type of crops, type and moisture of the soil. For cereals, basis is a medium-deep loosening up to 20 cm, for rape is deeper loosening up to 25 cm. For spring crops, deep autumn loosening to a depth of 30-40 cm is standard at Agrosem. Problematic plots of land are ripped to a depth of 50-60 cm at least once every 4 years after harvest. Such a structured tillage ensures good water infiltration during the rainy season and, on the other hand, ideal water uptake to the roots during the dry season. Of course, the overall economy is also important as fuel consumption, set performance and the need of human labour.

Kompaktomats K 800 and K 600 meant increase and stabilization of the revenues.

The need of wide range of powerful machines

The main requirement of the used technologies is the precision of the execution of individual operations and their correct timing. Especially on heavy soils, it is necessary to perform operations in ideal time window, often lasting only a few hours. Therefore, a powerful machinery suitable for the given soil conditions in necessary. Agrosem has been checking for long time which concept of tillage machines is suitable for individual soil conditions. They perceive the acquisition of more powerful machines suitable for various specific conditions as an economical solution. The machines have a long service life and the optimal use of individual machines according to specific soil conditions has an economic return. The quality of work and operational performance is increased and a number of operational problems are eliminated.

„Sometimes we prefer to test two or three different machines to be sure which machine will achieve the best results in the given soil and humidity conditions, both in terms of quality of work and in terms of overall efficiency.“, says the company director Karel Novák.

Deep loosening is a basis of processing for the spring crops.

High pressure on performance and reliability

The appropriate choice of the machine then makes it possible to achieve very high hourly outputs with high quality work and optimal fuel consumption. The wear of the working elements as well as the overall wear of the machine and the tractor is eliminated. The elimination of slippage of the tractor wheels is also significant, which affects not only the consumption, but also the quality of the final tillage and damage to the soil structure.

There is also a lot of pressure on performance in the seed drill, where the load is high in short time period of the season. An outstanding advantage of the Farmet Falcon seed drill is the integration of the pre-processing section, which allows processing and sowing to be combined into one operation.  Quick-change sections allow quick replacement during the season, thus adapting the machine for optimal planting of various crops. The chisel section for deeper belt loosening is used in Agrosem for sowing rape and the disc section for shallow full-area processing for sowing other crops. In both sections, fertilization with granular fertilizers is also used.

The reliability of Farmet machines has been at a high level at Agrosem for a long time and has always been a key condition when deciding on further purchase of machines.

An older, proven seed drill should replace the new one with fertilization and section control for each coulter

High quality of service and supply of the spare parts

Confidence in the Farmet brand in Agrosem is based on long-term quality service and the supply of spare parts. Especially in high season, these services are provided very quickly. At Agrosem, thanks to this, they can rely on high assurance of the operability and planned performance of the machines.

Rape sowing with a special chisel section for strip loosening.

Long-term satisfaction

The 14th Farmet machine purchased is a sufficient confirmation of long-term satisfaction with Farmet machines and services. This is a new Falcon seed drill, which should be a replacement for the older Falcon, which they have had in Stěžery for 7 years.

„For a large company with variable soil conditions and a wide range of crops, the use of a large number of different tillage and sowing machines is practically necessary and overall economically advantageous “, closes the director of Agrosem Karel Novák.

Agrosem Stěžery specializes in growing poppies.

Currently used Farmet machines in Agrosem Stěžery:

  • Kompaktomat K 800 PS
  • Kompaktomat K 600 PS
  • Softer 11 PS
  • Softer 8 PS + Microdrill
  • Triolent TX 600 PS
  • Digger 3 N
  • Krtek DG 3
  • Cambridge CV 6
  • Falcon 6 PRO
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