Expanding Storage Facilities for Spare Parts

We at Farmet are aware of the fact that 100% of the utility value of our machines is their flawless operation in the fields when customers need them the most. Therefore, we have decided to expand our storage facilities and we have created a separate storage for spare parts with its own operating staff, and we are planning to further innovate and expand this facility in the coming years.

Expanding Storage Facilities for Spare Parts

For this purpose, we have improved the overall system of parts identification and we are also upgrading our e-shop and expanding our services. We believe that not only this innovation will help us deliver the parts to end customers faster. We are able to deliver the selected parts to you promptly thanks to our continuously growing sales network.

All parts are manufactured according to our production documentation. To maximally utilise the potential of the machine, it is essential to equip the machine with original spare parts. Our parts are tested in the long term and their shape accuracy improves quality of work.

Only Farmet original parts can ensure that the machine will work exactly according to your and our plans and that it will fully fulfil its function.

The reliability of your machines depends on the service they receive.