Kompaktomat - A Phenomenon in Pre-Sowing Preparation

Farmet has been successfully operating in the Czech market already for 26 years and the same birthday is also celebrated by our first and to a certain extent crucial product, the Kompaktomat pre-sowing combinator. The impulse for creating the pre-sowing combinator was the demand for special, combined machines that would be able to make pre-sowing preparation more efficient, save time for the agriculturists, and also decrease costs.

1994 - series of produced Kompaktomat pre-sowing combinators

In a small repair shop in Eastern Bohemia, a verification series of a three-metre combined machine for soil processing in a limited number of ten pieces was therefore created, designed for Roudnické strojírny, a large producer of agricultural machines at that time. It was a key job for our small company back then. After delivering the first pieces, Roudnické strojírny doubted the merchantability of the machine and accepted it quite coldly. One of the reasons was probably also that the idea for the creation of this machine did not come from their heads. At Farmet, however, we saw the situation differently and immediately started testing and demonstrating the machine ourselves. The first machines were sold very quickly, which resulted in the original development prototype workshop becoming an autonomous manufacturer of agricultural equipment with own trade. The Kompaktomat managed to establish itself quickly and very well in all markets it has been delivered to. Thanks to its versatility in all soil conditions, simplicity of use and adjustment, Kompaktomat has become a phenomenon that lasts.

Since its creation in 1992, the machine has gone through many innovations and the main milestones include:

1995Changing the colours of the products. Frames changed to light blue, machine parts coming into contact with soil changed to dark blue.
2002Expanding the product range with the working span of 9.3 metres that was distinguished by the unique manner of folding.
2008Expanding the working span to 15.7 metres, which utilised a wheel frame for bearing the working sections.

2009 - Transition to the current appearance and concept of the machine.

2013Expansion of the offering of working bodies (a spiral cylinder and an arrow plough share with a pushing spring).
2015Expansion of the offering of working bodies with the rear finish roller and double crosskill cylinder.
201826 years of development and successful sales.

Kompaktomat is the longest made product of our company and it is the flagship in the area of soil processing machines.

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