New Fantom 800 PRO Prepared for Oil Seed Rape

In the ZD Nechanice co-op, they prepare their fields for oil seed rape using the combined disc-chisel cultivator at a depth of 25 cm. Then, they use the new eight-metre-long Fantom 800 PRO cultivator. Its main task is to remove the surface, crush the clods and also aerate soil at a depth of 10 cm. This work used to be done by a different Farmet machine – the Hurikán share cultivator.

The representatives of the ZD Nechanice co-op like how Fantom 800 PRO works and they are pleased with the quality of work in spite of this season’s extremely dry and hard conditions. Prior to planting oil seed rape, they will prepare the seedbed using Farmet Kompaktomat 800 PS.