All Crops Are Fertilised at the Domašín Farm

They have been using the Falcon 6 PRO Fert+ seed drill at the Domašín Farm near Vlašim in Central Bohemia for two years. The joint-stock company focuses on plant production and manages over 660 hectares of arable soil. They especially appreciate the versatility of the machine, low pulling resistance and quality electronic system with seed flow scanning. The operating staff praised the huge seed and fertiliser hopper with the total capacity of 6,000 litres.

The new screw fertiliser feeder in the front part of the machine is easy to calibrate and allows for setting a high range of the batch. Its design and the materials used for the construction resist the negative effects of the fertiliser. They add fertiliser to all the crops that they grow at the Domašín farm; the most frequently used is NPK at the batch of 100 kg/ha. The newly installed autopilot in the pulling vehicle makes the crop establishment truly fast and efficient.