A new level of spare parts supply

We fully realize that the availability and quality of spare parts is very important for our customers. This year changes in spare parts delivery we have changed to expand the availability of a wide range of spare parts and shorten delivery times. Thanks to this the process of supplying spare parts will reach new quality levels.
A new level of spare parts supply

Extensive network of dealers, new central warehouse in Česká Skalice

High availability of quality original Farmet spare parts for final customers, providing an extensive network of contract dealers who have a wide stock of spare parts for the entire range of tillage machines, fertilizer applications and sowing. Dealers often have many years of cooperation with their customers and they are able to supply spare parts very quickly and flexibly. In the case of deliveries of parts that dealers do not currently have in stock, it provides significant support directly from Farmet from our central warehouse of the factory in Česká Skalice, Czech Republic. Farmet can promptly deliver thousands of items in very short delivery times from the main logistic centre.

Eshop spare parts

Significant support for easy ordering of spare parts is provided by the e-shop spare parts, which are newly integrated into the My Farmet portal available on the Farmet website. Eshop is connected with a catalog of spare parts, make it greatly simplifies the identification of the right parts and their quick ordering. This intuitive e-shop environment can be used by dealers as well by final customers. This way the order is very easy and the final customer's order realized through the e-shop is always processed by a specific dealer. The e-shop enables not only quick and easy ordering, but also easy control of realized orders and their fulfillment.

Automatic process, express deliveries

All orders for spare parts are both within the dealer's warehouses and within deliveries from Farmet's central warehouse to dealers process very quickly. Farmet's new logistics center manufactures a highly automated process system that ensures fast and efficient order processing and fast dispatch of spare parts to dealers. The whole process is constantly monitored and dealers can see the status of the implementation of their orders through the e-shop. According to the requirements of the dealer, the parts can be shipped in the standard economic mode or in the express delivery mode in a very short time.

The quality of spare parts and their fast deliveries is finished by quality packaging enabling efficient and fast transport, as well as protection against weather conditions and damage throughout the logistics chain to the final user. We are aware that only high-quality and quickly delivered spare parts will ensure the full operability of the equipment for your final needs during extreme use in the seasons of field work to favor their performance and overall economic efficiency.

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