Falcon HW and Strip Till 8 must work even in winter

15. 2. 2022
Today's weather conditions sometimes do not allow all field work to be completed by the end of autumn. But they may not be completed until January. In the Cherson region in southern Ukraine use the technology of tillage with the application of fertilizers.
Falcon HW and Strip Till 8 must work even in winter

Strip-till tillage with fertilizer application to the root system is an excellent combination of tillage and fertilizer application. Climate change and rising fertilizer prices are forcing farmers to consider technologies that save resources and lead to sustainable development.

This is the case at MPP Sima in the Lepetichin area in the Cherson region to retain soil moisture and apply fertilizers correctly. 

Even the winter weather did not interfere with work and the Falcon HW aggregated with the Strip Till 8 cultivator does a great job even in an unusual season.

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