Verso for early spring pre-sowing soil processing

2. 2. 2022
Early spring sowing is a key factor in achieving high yields and good economic results on farms. Many farms start spring sowing at the end of February, if soil conditions allow. The key operation in this case is very early pre-sowing soil processing to ensure levelling and aeration of the soil surface.
Verso for early spring pre-sowing soil processing

The Verso semi-mounted cultivator is the optimal solution for such conditions. The machine runs on depth wheels when working and thanks to this concept it can work even in wet soil, while the risk of clods is significantly eliminated.

The high number of chisels loosens the soil well and the Flexiboard levelling bars level the soil perfectly. This system is perfect for heavier moist soils, where it ensures an excellent structure of loose soil and its soil drying prepared for sowing.

Thanks to the large number of chisels with a large spacing of individual rows, the Verso cultivator has a large permeability for plant residues. It can therefore be used not only after plowing, but also after stubble cultivation or deeper cultivation. Verso therefore not only aerates and perfectly levels the soil, but also perfectly spreads plant residues on its surface. Hydraulically adjustable Flexiboard  ensures excellent quality of work even in very difficult conditions. The levelling bar pressure transmitted to the soil improves the compaction of the seedbed.

The Verso cultivator ensures excellent work quality during early spring soil processing and ensures very early sowing with the promise of high and stable spring crop yields.

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