Kompaktomat K 450 – A Vital Helper

František Pátý, who has been working in agriculture for more than 46 years, welcomed me at his farm between Český les and the Gate to the Šumava Mountains. He and his daughter manage about 250 hectares of arable land in Staňkov and Horažďovice in West Bohemia. They mostly grow wheat, oilseed rape, peas, and also millet, field pea and potatoes. They also use an area of 25 hectares for small-area variety trials, focusing on winter oilseed rape, wheat and maize for silage.

To Mr. Pátý, Kompaktomat has become a vital helper in seedbed preparation. A precisely cultivated seedbed is the basis of success and so they use Kompaktomat for all crops, especially for their small-area trials. Mr. Pátý has had a lot of experience with Farmet seedbed cultivators. At first, they used the small mounted Kompaktomat K 300 N behind a tractor with the output of 125 HP. In 2017, they purchased a new semi-mounted machine with a width of 4.5 m, attached to an oversized pulling vehicle with 225 HP. Yes, Mr. František Pátý immediately noted that such a strong tractor could pull a much wider Kompaktomat machine. At the same time, he added that the width of 4.5 m is completely ideal and sufficient for their conditions and their areas where the largest field does not exceed 38 hectares, and especially for the small-area trials.

Kompaktomat uses conventional technology to process very heavy, clay soils that often require more than one pass of the machine. The fields are located in a dryer area with an annual precipitation amount of about 520 mm, with an average annual temperature of 7 to 8 degrees, at an altitude of 380 meters. František Pátý and Jan Holc, the machine operator, confirmed that they could no longer imagine seedbed cultivation without Kompaktomat by Farmet. They highlighted the high quality of processing, easy operation, minimum maintenance requirements, as well as affordability.

I would like to thank Mr. František Pátý for the short trip to the small-area trials and I wish him a lot of success in his work.

Ing. Václav Mytyska 
Product and Technology Advisor