A Successful Field Day in Hungary

On 2 August 2019, Andest 2005 Bt, a Hungarian importer of Farmet technology, organised a field day at their important customer in Lajoskomárom, near the Balaton Lake. The event organisation was great and provided excellent facilities to customers, even in case of bad weather, including practical demonstrations of selected machines that can work in moist soil. However, the weather turned out great in the end and the technology could be demonstrated completely in ideal conditions. Over 400 farmers attended the demonstrations and had the opportunity to see the whole portfolio of machines. There were practical field demonstrations and customers could see, with their own eyes, the high quality of work of the machines and their broad versatility.

A total of eleven machines were demonstrated, including novelties – the Triton 450 PS combined disc-chisel cultivator and the Fantom 650 PRO 5-row cultivator. The Falcon PRO seed drills were demonstrated as well: their sale has been very successful in Hungary.

Luboš Zavadil
Sales Manager