Softer: Agile Soil Cultivation

...with low tensile resistance

Today, thousands of Softer cultivators work the fields in Europe, Asia, North America, or even New Zealand. They are top disc cultivators that have a great success thanks to their excellent properties. And what properties are we talking about?

Agile soil penetration, even in heavy conditions

Each disc is consistently guided by a massive forged shoe, individually spring-loaded with highly preloaded rubber elements. The aggressive working angles of the discs provide excellent soil penetration, even in very heavy soil conditions during drought. By contrast, when the conditions are wet, the machine shows great permeability and resistance against clogging thanks to the optimised shape of the forged shoes. The excellent soil penetration is amplified by the precisely cut edging along the entire disc circumference. The discs are made of high abrasion-resistant heat-treated steel, distinguished by its sturdiness and long durability in a heavy operation.

Perfect undercutting along the entire width

The soil is perfectly undercut thanks to the aggressive working angles, precisely at the set working depth of up to 12 cm. The crop residue is mixed very well and distributed evenly. This is a great advantage of the Softer machine that perfectly spreads any crop residue and levels the soil surface thanks to the optimised geometry and arrangement of the working parts. These great properties make it possible to use Softer in reduced seedbed cultivation. The massively over-dimensioned rear rollers provide excellent reverse compaction and crush any large clods. The soil is compact, with restored capillarity after cultivation.

Very low tensile resistance

The Softer cultivators have excellent low tensile resistance, once again thanks to the aggressive working angles and the disc edging. The required tractor output starts at 30 HP per metre of the machine working width. For example, Softer 11 is often aggregated with tractors with an output of 330 – 360 HP. The set is very compact and productive. The consumption is from 4 to 6 litres per hectare. These are excellent parameters and an economic prosperity guarantee.

Speed, capacity, productivity

The Softer cultivators enable highly productive soil cultivation at a working speed of 12 – 15 km/h. The capacity of the set ranges from 1.1 to 1.4 ha/h per metre of the working width! For example, the set of Softer 11 with a modern 360 HP tractor can process up to 14 hectares in an hour at a consumption of 4 – 6 l/ha, providing excellent work quality. The Softer cultivators pay for themselves!

Popular on several continents

Today, the Softer cultivators work on several continents and they bring profit to thousands of farmers in diverse soil and weather conditions. The Softer machines prove their quality and versatility in many different soil cultivation technologies. However, they always fulfil the same objective: to increase productivity and profitability of their owners.