Record sales of Falcon seeders

Up to 2 sowing machines per day have been shipped to customers in the European Union, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Russia in recent months. Sowing machines sales set another record this year. It benefits not only the demanding development of previous years, but also quality marketing and customer service, which strengthens trust and customer satisfaction.

The Falcon sowing machine premiered in 2013. From the outset, the modular concept is based on high variability, where the customer can choose from a wide range of optional pre-processing sections, sowing sections and accessories as he needs to ensure the technological process of establishing his crops. The self-supporting design allows aggregation and easy exchange of various pre-processing sections located under a large hopper. Sowing sections can also be interchanged.

Since the beginning of the market introduction, many different types of Falcon sowing machines have been manufactured, always "tailored" to a specific customer.

Thanks to the modular system and thus the ability to manufacture the machine according to the customer's wishes, often with regard to the latest research findings, Falcon sowing machines are finding more and more customers in many markets. At the same time, the sowing machines segment is very competitive and it is not easy to assert itself on it.

Falcon PRO

Farmet currently offers modular Falcon narrow-row sowing machines from 3 m to 9 m. They are offered in the variants PRO, SW, HW, COMPACT and TANDEM. The PRO version is equipped with an off-set pneumatic rollers in the entire working width. It is equipped with large radial tires with high operating resistance. This solution is ideal for large companies with a large seasonal commitment. The COMPACT version has a pneumatic roller consisting of smaller tires 7.50 / 16. These machines are ideal for smaller farmers and offer excellent price and performance. The TANDEM variant is a version of the share sowing machine of the Falcon concept. For larger companies with a preference for high-capacity sowing, the SW (soft wagon) variant without a pneumatic roller, but with a sowing section of up to 9 m is intended. Falcon HW (heavy wagon) - a robust truck designed for aggregation with various cultivators for the application of granular fertilizer to the soil or sowing sections up to 9 m. The entire family of Falcon machines has undergone the process of European homologation for road use.

Falcon SW

All sowing machines are equipped with electronic control and monitoring systems from the renowned German company Müller. The system also includes optical sensing of the seed tube flow through the renowned American company Dickey John. On request, the machines are equipped with a section control system for individual section control. Farmet's innovative system allows the management of up to 64 sections, ie. each individual switching of each coulter up to a width of 8 m (row spacing 12.5 cm) or 9 m (row spacing 15 cm).

Falcon HW

The production of top machines, which are controlled by an electronic system, is at a high organizational level. Falcon sowing machines are assembled at 3 specialized workplaces throughout the year. Specially trained workers form a team with specialists in electronics, hydraulics and mechanics.

Falcon Compact

The advantages of Falcon sowing machines are appreciated in a number of markets, in various conditions and technologies. The modular solution makes it possible to cover the needs of all markets and their climatic and soil conditions.

Falcon PRO Tandem

Also read some of the previously published reports of satisfied customers

Falcon PRO

Bulgarian agriculture company „Agroiv“ which is operating in the rocky area near the border with Romania, has been using the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill for third season. »»»

Falcon Compact

In the hilly area of the foothills of the Orlicke Mountains, Falcon 3 COMPACT works reliably during spring sowing of barley, wheat and peas. »»»

Falcon PRO Tandem

Last year, „Agro & Kombinát Dolní Žandov company“ purchased a 6 m Falcon PRO Tandem coulter seed drill. »»»

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