Check on the growth of spring barley

On the last day of May, we went to have a look at the growth of spring barley seeded on 22 March during demonstration seeding on land belonging to the agricultural company Nahořanská a.s.

Before seeding, the land was processed with Kompaktomat and then seeded with 210 kg/ha of spring barley. The crops were established with the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill. Thanks to the modularity of the seed drill, there are several options of the pre-processing and rear sections to choose from. In this case, the concept that was used involved the disk pre-processing section with the integrated Flexiboard for shallow pre-seeding preparation up to 10cm and the double-disk seeding section at the back which is suitable for seeding narrow-row crops. 70 days after seeding, we were pleased to see fully integrated barley growth at the phase of ear formation. The crops offset well, the rows are without gaps. A healthy and well-balanced growth with a good root system is a promise for high yield. Information about establishment of the crops can be found here.

Helena Dvořáková
product manager