Our business partner participated at the Simaq fair

At the end of January 2018, a traditional Simaq fair was held in Canadian Quebec. The OFT division of Farmet participated in this event through its dealer, REL. This fair is the largest and most visited exhibition in this field in the region. Here, our sales representative demonstrated mainly local soybean processing and used FE 250 and FE 100 extruders combined with the FL 200 press as exhibits.

Promotion of local soy processing is in on the rise and generates additional sales opportunities for our machines. The rhetoric of our sales representative is a greater emphasis on local processing and saving the transportation costs and redemption of scrap from large extraction plants.

The local farmer gets their own high-quality feed, in addition to BIO, GMO Free or Organic quality absolutely Hexan Free. Furthermore, the machine produces oil, which will generate an extra profit.