26.11.2018 г.

Strip-till Soil Cultivation

Zemas a.s. Čejč is a business that manages 2,900 hectares of agricultural land in the cadastre of 7 South Moravian municipalities. The cultivated soil is medium-heavy to heavy, and sandy in some places. The company uses stubble cultivation at a depth of 30 cm for all its fields. Each year, a few fields are selected to be cultivated at a greater depth, up to 65 cm.

Lately, they have been focusing on using the strip-till technology to cultivate soil. For this technology, they use an eight-row soil cultivator by Farmet.

The Farmet Strip-Till cultivator has processed a field after oilseed rape that was cultivated at a depth of 10 cm once after harvest and had a second growth of the crop. Another field cultivated by Strip-Till was after corn for grains, which was mulched after harvest and then cultivated using Strip-Till. The Farmet Strip–Till cultivator worked great also under such conditions with a large quantity of crop residue. The cleaning wheels clean the cultivated strip and pushes the residue to the inter-row for perfect protection against water erosion as well as weed infestation.

The eight-row Strip-Till cultivator with an inter-row spacing of 75 cm and the front MF 300 Fert hopper applied phosphorus triphosphate fertilizer at a depth of 30 cm. The John Deere pulling vehicle with an output of 270 HP was just about sufficient.

The customer is very pleased with the work and performance of the machine.

Vladimír Mertlík
Veronika Paslerová