Feed for Ruminants

The company Farmet offers a range of machinery and production lines for the production of feed and feed mixtures along with their treatment with extrusion. We deliver completely equipped production lines per customer’s wishes and requirements. Feed technology provided by our company allows the production of feed that meets tight criteria on health, stability, and homogeneity of mixtures. Our mixers for loose material are certified for precise mixing ratios up to 1:100,000.

Extrusion helps to achieve higher digestibility and sanitary quality as well as better taste of feed. In protein-based feed, extrusion aids the process of transforming proteins into those that are resistant to ruminal conditions (so-called bypass proteins). Such proteins are degraded in the abomasum into amino acids, which are absorbed further in the small intestine. Amino acids are building block for tissues and milk production. Eating feed containing rumen-resistant proteins therefore allows ruminants to utilize more of the protein fraction, which results in higher growth rates and milk yields.

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