Implementation of press extrusion plant in Tomsk region

In January this year, our major customer from Tomsk, Russia opened their first line for rapeseed processing.

Farmet takes steps to enter Uzbekistan's market

Uzbekistan is too often thought of as some central Asian country with a semi-dictatorial regime. In fact, this country is currently going through turbulent changes, aiming for liberalization and democratization politically and a more open market economically.

Farmet in the Press – the OFI magazine

The November issue of OFI (Oils and Fats Magazine, comes with our article on solvent(hexane)-free soybean processing.

Extruder FE 1000 in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště – “replaced by its younger brother after fifteen years”

At the beginning of this millennium, Farmet began preparing a new project - the soybean extrusion for ZD Brezina in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště. Extrusion technology is a manufacturing process where the processing material passes through a high temperature and pressure working unit. The output product is full-fat extruded soy that is used by the customer as a part of compound feed for poultry and cattle.

Local processing of rape seed with Compact CP2

The module of a Compact pressing shop was recetly launched in Spain. The technology produces high quality filtered vegetable oil and pressing cakes.

Presentation at the 16th Congress EuroFedLipid

In mid-September, a 16th congress organized by the European Federation for Fat and Oil Science and Technology was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Customer experience with soybean processing with Farmet technologies

Our Austrian customer has recently published an interesting article in the press, in which he refers to his experience with extrusion pressing technology and compares it to other methods of soy processing.

Cooperation with Donau Soja

In the past 2 weeks, our company was actively involved in two events organized by the Association Donau Soja...

Farmet - Scientific Conference

OFT division of Farmet a.s. took part in the June XXVI International Scientific Conference - Progress in Technology of Vegetable Fats held near Łódź, Poland.

COMPACT in the Ukraine

The pressing shops "COMPACT" have gained great popularity among customers worldwide since the start of production in 2012. They have been put to work on 4 continents (outside Europe also in Asia, North America and Africa) and are useful in such demanding markets as the United States or Switzerland.