Are you seeking a complex solution to sunflower seed processing? The Farmet technology is able to meet your broadest demands regarding the task. With solutions suitable across multiple scales of production you do not have to depend on major crushers.

Is nutritional value of press cakes your priority? Then we can offer you the optimized Farmet technology of pressing with hulling, which is designed to reduce the content of roughage and increase that of protein fraction in the cakes. The high recovery ratios of oil are achieved through the use of an extruder in the process of two-level pressing with extrusion, where the press cakes are treated by extrusion to maximize their potential for feed purposes.

The particular varieties of sunflower especially suitable for processing through this technology are those cultivated for feed purposes. Such varieties exhibit larger seed size, which helps the process of removing hull from the seed.

Do you instead emphasize oil recovery efficiency? For such purposes we have devised the technology of two-level hot pressing or two-level pressing with extrusion. This technology works best with varieties high in oil content with smaller seeds.

On the basis of your needs and requirements we are able to tailor a technology that will achieve optimal results in seed processing. Do not hesitate to contact our experts, who are ready to help you find the best solution for you.


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